Monday, 7 January 2019

King of Malaysia abandoned throne after marrying beauty queen.

The palace said in a statement that the 49-year-old ruler had resigned as Malaysia's 15th king with immediate effect, cutting short his five-year term. 

No reason was given in the statement.

It marked the first abdication in the nation's history.

Sultan Muhammad V, ruler of Northeast Kelantan state, took his oath of office in December 2016, becoming one of Malaysia's youngest constitutional monarchs.

He reportedly married a 25-year-old former Russian beauty queen in November while on a two-month medical leave. Reports on social media featured pictures of the wedding, which reportedly took place in Moscow. Neither the sultan, the palace nor the government had officially confirmed the wedding.

The Council of Rulers is expected to meet soon to pick the next king.

Culled From CTV News.

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