Monday, 4 June 2018

Sowing Seed With Rent Money Left Lady Homeless.

A lady reportedly gave her house rent to her pastor in the name of sowing seed
according to a Twitter user who shared the news, she is now homeless and the funniest part of it is that the said pastor
advised her to keep praying for things to get better

While they say religion is the opium of the people, perhaps it is important to not that some people may have overdosed on this opium as shocking stories of what people do in the name of religion keeps popping up on the internet.

A Twitter user recently revealed how a lady became homeless after she used money meant for her rent, to sow seed to her pastor in church. According to her narration, the money wasn't enough to pay the rent so her pastor advised her to use it to 'pray'.

She wrote: "My mums hairdresser told her how she's now homeless. It's funny to me cos she saved up for rent but since it wasn't enough pastor told her to sow it as seed. she has to squat with a man friend in his family house room with a 9yr old lol this life"

Several Twitter users also used the opportunity to share their own stories. One of them revealed how a lady sold off her entire food business because her pastor told her to sell it all and follow in the Lord's footsteps.

He wrote: "I know a girl (or lady) who used to own a flourishing food business in Abuja...Pastor told her to "sell everything and follow in the Lord's footsteps"...She did!Guess what she does to survive these day...Usher + Corn roaster + (clears throat).She used to live in a 1-bdrm apartment; now she squats with friends.She hasn't been the same since then.

Another Twitter user wrote, "I remember when my bro used his school fees as seed. My dad almost disowned him"

This Twitter user shared the story of how a pastor told a man to stop working because the job was not Christian like. He wrote, "I know a guy who had a flourishing legal business before joining a church and becoming a church worker... The pastor told him the business is not Christian like and God frowns at his business.

Baba stop his business and right now he no longer attends the church and he is a bus driver now.... Making far less than what he was getting in his formal business...... Stay woke fam just don't go against the law"

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