Saturday, 2 June 2018

Father Of 4yr Old Rescured By 'African Spiderman Was Playing Video Games.

The father of the child that was rescued by Mamoudou Gassama nicknamed ‘African Spiderman’ over the weekend in Paris was playing the Pokémon Go at the time his child was hanging in the balance, prosecutors allege.

French prosecutors claimed that the boy’s father left his young son at home to go shopping, but instead of coming right back, he decided to play Pokémon Go, the mobile game that achieved viral fame when it was released in 2016.

The father faces two years in prison for endangering his child, reports Business Insider, South Africa.

Pokémon Go utilises the phone’s camera to make it appear as if Pokémon are appearing in the real world (by showing them on-screen).

The game was an instant hit and was downloaded over 500 million times before the end of the year, but was also criticised for causing people to stop paying attention to their surroundings, including while driving.

The game has since declined in popularity.

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