Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Reno Omokri's warnings to those vying for Buhari to seek re-election.

APC critic ,Reno Omokri has warned those vying for president Buhari to run for a second term.According to him,they may end up like the foolish fly that follows trash into the incinerator.He also said if the First Lady and daughter have abandoned the president,why should anyone support him..
He tweeted

“”Those who campaign for a 2nd term for Buhari in the midst of unprecedented backwardness he has caused in Nigeria may end up like the foolish fly that follows the trash into the incinerator to be burnt. If his wife and daughter abandon him on Twitter, who are you to support him?””
“Buhari should not listen to that snake/sycophant @Elrufai who wants to use him to retain power. He should listen to his wife and daughter. Listen to Obasanjo. He should listen to Nigerians and return to Daura. If he likes, he can take El-Rufai with him and make him his house boy!'”

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